The Slapshot is Genesis NHL’94 101 (it is not as effective in the SNES version of the game).  It is the most basic way to score — just rip one past the goalie!

Always look to use a guys forehand when attempting this.  You’ll have more success using guys with high shot power.

The easiest way to score on a slapshot is to “bounce” off the boards around the top of the faceoff circle and aim for the far side of the goal. The key is making sure the goalie is positioned close to one side, leaving the other side of the net open (see photo)


While this play is the easiest to set up and execute, it’s also easy for your opponent to see what you are doing and defend it properly.
You can also line up your player directly facing the goalie and let it rip from there.  The key here is to line up the forehand side stick of the player vertically with the edge of the net.  You’re going to need a harder shot (or weaker goalie) to get through here as compared to the set up described above, but this method can be more deceptive and give your opponent less time to react.
Finally, there is the slapshot right down the middle, through the legs of the goalie.  The best way to succeed here is with a hard, low shot right down the middle.The video demonstrates the slapshot techniques described above.  You will see the different ways of scoring with the slapshot:
  • “Bounce” off boards
  • Stop & Shoot
  • Straight Ahead
  • Wrap Around
  • Five Hole

Done with both lefty & righty players, from the top and bottom view (some weird buggy effects happened on the reverse angle shots).

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