Scoring Techniques

The following scoring techniques are all skills that you can learn, and try to use in a game.  Top players have mastered all these techniques — it’s good to have them all available in your tool belt.  While it’s not comprehensive, my guess is 95% of the goals you see in a game will fall under one of these categories.

  • Slapshots
    • “Bounce” Off Boards
    • Straight Ahead
    •  Wrap Around
    • Five Hole
  • Dekes
    • Crease-Cuts
    • Backhand/Forehand
    • Slap Deke (advanced)
  • One-Timers
    • Winger to Center
    • Short Distance
    • Give and Go
    • Offensive Zone Faceoffs
  • Pass Shots
    • FH/BH Deke
    • Straight Shot
    • FH/BH Diagonal
    • Across the Goal Slam
    • Center Ice Five Hole
    • Rebounds
  • Miscellaneous
    • Pass Around the Boards
    • Keg Toss
    • Self-pass off the boards
    • Flip shot
    • Rebound Goals
    • Goalie Ram

2 thoughts on “Scoring Techniques”

  1. The one strategy missing here is the deadly bounce off the goalie. Legend has it that it was popularized by the Finnish, but the general gist is you bounce the puck off the goalie pushing him to the farside pipe, and then get the rebound and slam it in the near side.

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